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İZMİR PROPERTY EXPO, REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT FAIR will take place in 27-30 September 2018, where the leading companies of the real estate and property industry of İzmir,the leading representatives of the industry, investments ,national and international investors will come together. The fair will take place in Fuar İzmir, the largest and the most modern fair ground in Turkey.

The Heart of the Real Estate will beat in İzmir

Investors are highly attracted by the increasing number of the projects and sales values in İzmir and that’s the main reason why İZMİR PROPERTY EXPO, REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT FAIR will be a key point.

Why Izmir?

  • In terms of being the 3rd largest city in Turkey, the real estate sector in İzmir is highly active,
  • The commercial location of İzmir,
  • In terms of the renewed transportation network in İzmir, the commercial mobility is increased,
  • The proximity of İzmir to the popular cities and transportation convenience,
  • National and international investors want to invest on İzmir,
  • The housing purchase market in İzmir is highly active,
  • The Urban Transformation in İzmir is getting developed day by day,
  • İzmir’s rising value in the real estate sector.

Why Fuar İzmir?

  • The largest and the most modern fairground in Turkey,
  • Hosts major fairs,
  • It is 8 km away from İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport,
  • There are public transfer routes such as subway and bus ,
  • City buses serve up to inside of the fairground,
  • There are four open and one closed exhibition spaces, Fair Street, Observation Tower in Fuar İzmir,
  • Serves with a car parking lot that has capacity of 2,500 vehicles,

The importance of Urban Transformation for İzmir
Urban transformation is highly important for more liveable, healthier, reliable, comfortable living standarts. Urban transformation projects aiming to avoid risky buildings and illegal buildings, İzmir is putting its signature under the latest technology and innovations. '' URBAN TRANSFORMATION PROJECTS, CHANGING AND MODERNIZING İZMİR. "

Leaders of the industry embrace the Urban Transformation